World’s Largest Weekend Review

  WLSC 2014: Dre, Ice Ray & Wife, Rello, T. Pratt, Ryan, Martha, and Tonya

The World’s Largest Weekend kicked off Thursday at the Island Bar and Grill with an awesome set  that brought out a host of great dancers and a number of dance legends.  Cheri Lilly and DJ Dan hosted the set while, WZON radio and SteppersUSA reported live from the club.  The Thursday Meet and Greet was a new collaboration for us and after the success DJ Dan and Cheri had last year it was a no brainer to support their set.  Across town, Myron “The R” Robinson and guest DJ Black Cool had an awesome set as well with a number of Steppers who were in town for the weekend opting to party at The Blue Note.  Throughout the weekend we try to get as many people involved as possible, so even though The Blue Note was not the “Official” set we were happy to hear that both sets did very well. 

On Friday, the World’s Largest Pre Party kicked off at the Tinley Park Convention Center.  DJ Cross, DJ Mellow Khris, and DJ Shorty Smooth kept the party cracking all night long.  We started the night off with complimentary hors d’oeuvres and wine for our VIP guests and then opened the doors for general admission at 8pm.  By 9pm the place was filling up, by 10pm the party was packed.  The crowd seems to grow every year and we received rave reviews from the party goers.  Myself and Dre would like to thank Greg Richardson, L. C. Henderson, Christine Jones, and A Step Above for help with selling tickets, our wonderful event staff of Tonya Tharp, Martha Stephans, Angie, Cydney Kennedy, and James.  Of course, we’d like to thank our music masters DJ Cross, DJ Shorty Smooth, Mellow Khris, and DJ Steve “Breeze” Brewer.  Thanks is also in order for Dana White for all of her help with decorations and clean up.  Last but not least, we have to thank Pete Frazier for being a great partner and most importantly all of you for supporting us and making this party a GRAND SLAM for 7 years straight.

On Saturday, Pete Frazier did a great job with the World’s Largest Steppers Contest at the Tinley Park Convention Center.  For years now the contest has rolled on without a hitch or any major controversy.  I love to see the Steppers come by the thousands dressed up, smiling, and having fun.  DJ Mellow Khris and DJ Cross did a great job with the music, although I hated many of the contestants’ song selections.  DJ Rodney Mack played for the VIP reception.  Overall, we had a great time and picked up a lot of momentum heading into the contest’s 25th year and the Master’s Category.  Pete had a hug volunteer staff which I cannot remember but the faces I did see included Lola Harding, Charlsie, Hope Tolbert, Belinda Jones, Mike Bryant, Angie, and of courses all of the judges. 

After the contestant we hosted the After Party at the Tinley Park Convention Center.  This was our first time hosting it at the Convention Center and it was one of the absolute best ideas we could have come up with.  This simple convenience for Steppers took our crowd from around 200 last year to 500 this year.  Now that we see what a big success it is, we’ll be equipped with more chairs next year.  Special thanks to DJ Roy Shannon who played music for the affair.  Roy worked with us on the After Party when it was at Good Time Entertainment Center with about 50 to 100 people so we appreciate him for sticking with us.

Finally, we closed the weekend out with a nice Sunday Brunch and Day Party at The Island Bar and Grill.  We provided fried chicken, turkey spaghetti, and salad for as many as we could afford while DJ Rockin Rodney Mack and DJ Black Cool put it down in the booth for the Steppers.  I was absolutely exhausted by this time but I was happy an appreciative.   Big weekends like this are not easy but it makes me happy to see so many people come out and enjoy themselves.  Thanks goes out to J Boogie (promoter of the Wednesday night Klubb Karma set) for his help organizing the Sunday affair. 

To Chicago and all of the Steppers who spend their hard-earned money to travel across the country to party with us, on behalf of myself (T. Pratt), Andre Blackwell, and Pete Frazier I’d like to send out a very sincere THANK YOU!