World’s Largest Weekend Meet and Greet Review

  T. Pratt and the Legendary Ice Ray

The World’ Largest Steppers Weekend is here and the Stars of Steppin were last night all across the city.  I stopped by the Island Bar and Grill where DJ Dan and Cheri Lilly hosted the Official World’s Largest Meet and Greet event, and the place was packed with a who’s who of dancers. WZON broadcasted live and SteppersUSA and Gucci were in the building shooting photos.

I’ve always said that the World’s Largest Weekend brings out the very best dancers in the nation pound for pound, and last night noobies in the dance would have had an opportunity to see the dance at its highest level.  Here’s a list of some of the dancers that took to the floor and absolutely showed out last night … Ice Ray, Charnice Simmons, Donnie Davis, Tina Moore, “Styk Myn,” Pete Frazier, Danielle Wordlaw, Taboo, Jackie Dace, Rose Wellington, Andre Blackwell, Royce Banks, Dee Dee, Kevin Dockery, Tall Rick, Tori Lynch, Cliff Reynolds, Christa Lee, Kirk Pacely and the new generation of heavyweights and up and comers including Smoke Dixon, Nikee, Candace Hinton, Keesha Anderson, Jerry Harris, Paris White, Shawn Bandy, Keisha Gilmore, Rich Jackson and Big Al Hartidge among others. 

Then across town on the Westside Lady Margaret sent pictures from the Blue Note showing a capacity crowd in full effect with Myron “The R” Robinson as well.  Needless to say, the stars will be out at the Pre Party tonight and Ice Ray says, “T I’m coming to your party for the first time tomorrow night and I’m going to DANCE!  I’m working out from the word GO!”  Check out pictures from last night’s event.  I got as many as I could in before my camera decided to die.