World’s Largest Skate Party

  Dorian Wright and Paris White

ChiStepper is  breaking down the mega White Party Weekend, starting with the World’s Largest Skate Party hosted by the Majestic Gents, VIP Productions, and Black Mary.  It was ChiStepper’s first time watching Steppers skate and to say that I was impressed is an understatement.  Skating looks so graceful and sexy that you sometimes forget that is takes incredible balance and tons of practice.

Steppin’s first lady Linda Frazier shared my sentiments, but says that if she had to choose between the two she’d take steppin.  Considering that she can’t skate and like me, she’s scared to fall, I think she’d be making the right choice.  There are a few ladies however, who would surely disagree, like Andre Blackwell’s sweetheart Paris White, a championship level inner circle (crazy legs) skater.  Paris is a monster on the skates and I believe she told me she’s only been skating seriously for 5 years.  Then you have Tasha Downey, last year’s World’s Largest beginners champion, who floats on her skates, but complained that she had to wear her daughter’s “slow skates” because someone stole hers. 

The skating rink is owned by a skater and now Stepper named Mark Alexander, who is known nationwide for getting down on the skates.  Mark says he’s going to get me ready for the World’s Largest Weekend’s big skate party in September.  Get ready.

My homies DJ Calvin and Eric “ET” Taylor were in the building playing the cuts and Calvin says, “If you think Steppers are picky about their music, they don’t even come close to skaters.”  He says that skating like steppin has different crowds, and you have to know what to play for each crowd.  In skating however, you also have to direct the night.  They have all men skates, all women skates, backwards skates, couples skates, reverse  backwards skates, and so many other crazy iterations.  Calvin tells me that each of these iterations has different types of songs that go with them and the skaters will lose it if you don’t get it right.  To that end, he says he got literally cursed out on this night by a lady who didn’t like his selections.

Some of Steppers that really surprised me were Steppers Express ceo Dan Land, Pete Frazier, Lionel Fish Talley, Nikee, Tori Lynch, Terrell “Smooth T” Tyson, Yahir, Stacey Williams, Darlinda Russell, Chase, Nina Fletcher, and Snoop.  Mark Alexander actually taught Snoop from scratch a little over a year ago and he’s looking really good on the skates.  There’s hope for us late starters!  Check out pics in the PHOTO GALLERY.



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