Will the New Skool Category Mark a Changing of The Guard

Tonight at Mr. G’s the World’s Largest Steppers Contest “New Skool Original Category” prelims will kick off at 7pm. Every year the contest takes on a life of its own, and this year New Skool will definitely be the category to watch.

With all-time great Tyk Man returning to competition with Tabitha Hicks, it will interesting to see if he can regain his form as the best Stepper in the nation, or if there will be a changing of the guard. In Tyk Man’s absence a number of dancers have vied for Crown and achieved great success. Among those is Shawn Bandy (pictured above), Drew Alexander (who’s dominance begin when Tyk was still active), and most notably, Ed Donaldson (the defending champion). To that end, Ed Donaldson expressed to Tyk Man personally that he was going to beat him and retain his 2016 championship with Amanda Anderson. To the contrary, Tyk Man says, “The routine thing is over. You’re going to have to dance to beat me.”

Ed Donaldson has boasted for an entire year and has certainly drew the ire of his fellow competitors, all of whom have undoubtedly placed a bullseye dead center on his back. Not to mention, competitors like Feo Duncan, Jamie Graham (who is rumored to be returning to competition), Nike and Tori, Kevin Dockery (who is rumored to be moving to the New Skool Category) are performing in the category and should make the contest a lot of fun.

Make sure to check out the prelims tonight at Mr. G’s at 7pm. Cost is $5 ATD.