Who Needs Creativity?

  Markie Bee

When you lack vision of your own, you attack someone else’s.  Checkout the private note that Markie Bee of SteppersUSA is sending around to DJ’s in response to ChiStepper’s Top 10 DJ pound 4 pound list.

[On Tuesday night after a discussion with three ‘steppers DJ’s’ I came up with an idea. Instead of a non-DJ deciding who the top 10 DJ’s are why not have the DJ’s pick their own top 10.
The academy awards are decided by actors, steppers contests are decided by steppers so why not ‘steppers DJ’s’?
My proposal:

… All ‘steppers DJ’s’ send their own list of top 10 to me and I’ll tally up the list to decide who the ‘steppers DJ’s’ true pound for pound list really is… then I’ll post it on SteppersUSA for the world to see who the professionals see as the ten best.
My list of DJ’s is quite dated (emails change and so on) so what I’ll ask you to do is pass this message on to as many ‘steppers DJ’s’ as you can and have them send their list to webmaster@steppersusa.com by next Monday January 14th.]

If I was at all interested in what Markie Bee was doing, I could tell him why the only major thing SteppersUSA has ever been invited to participate in was the Stepaganza, and this was only because ChiStepper.com decided to attend Memorial Weekend in Las Vegas that year. With all due respect to my brother Iary Israel, who I have a great deal of respect for, he decided to stay partnered with Markie Bee, and now Pete Frazier is looking to take over Memorial Day Weekend in New Orleans. Conversely, ChiStepper.com remains partnered with the TOP weekends in the nation (GDI Heritage Ball, World’s Largest Weekend, Rodney Mack’s White Party, Sarah Teagle’s Labor Day Weekend, etc.). It might behoove SteppersUSA to start focusing on its own business, seeing that it doesn’t have much of it right now.

One last thing, Markie Bee is criticizing a “non-DJ” (T. Pratt) for coming up with a Top 10 Pound 4 Pound DJ list, but he’s a “NON-STEPPER” writing every single day about Steppin. Markie Bee’s sole claim to fame is co-promoting a weekly set at B-n-J’s Razz 10 years ago and even then was chastised for copying LaVelle C’s playlist. Markie Bee don’t you have a dated Steppers History website to update?!!