Which Steppers Get Nervous Before Competing

  Drew Alexander and Cheryl Powe (1st Place – Original Old Skool)

Two hours before the contest, ChiStepper visited the contestants green room to see which Steppers had nerves of steel, and which Steppers were still dealing with their nerves.  Find out who gets nervous and who doesn’t before each contest.
Steppers Who Were Nervous

Candace Hinton
Vicki Henning
Sebrina White
Feo Duncan
Drew Alexander
Keesha Anderson
Torrey Loggins

Steppers Who Weren’t Nervous

Cheryl Powe
Kammal Smith
Steppin Earl
Cliff Reynolds
Shawn James
Keenan Harris
Rich Jackson
Audra Edwards
Richard Cochran
Anne Hunter
Amanda Anderson
Kirk White
Shuwn Hayes
Dana Royal
Ed Donaldson