What Is Your Favorite Prince Song?


The entertainment world was turned upside down upon learning of the sudden death of pop music icon Prince Rodgers Nelson (57).  As a child there were only two music stars that REALLY mattered, and I was often forced in friendly competition, to choose which artist I was aligning with.   As a young child I always chose Michael Jackson, but as I hit my teens I realized how much of a beast Prince was with the ladies, and I shifted my stance.

Aside from being a musical genius, which includes incredible vocal ability, musical arrangement, playing multiple instruments, and incredible performances, Prince influenced fashion, style, television, and business.  At one point in his career he changed his name to the “Love Symbol” to establish control of his music.

As I searched through my catalog of music in search of Steppin records by prince, I could only find one, “1000 X’s & O’s,” a track of off his latest album that is still popular among Steppers.  Although Prince didn’t make much music that we Step to, he influenced so many modern era artists that anyone who enjoys R&B, Neo Soul, Pop, and Rock among others genres must pay homage to Prince.

What that said, what was your favorite Prince song?  Mine was “Pop Life” with “The Beautiful One’s” coming in very close second!