Video: Pete, Herk, Jackie, Lola In 1998 WLSC

  Jackie Dace

Around World’s Largest Steppers Contest time a number of Steppers reached out and asked me for my definition of Original Steppin.  Well, this video featuring Pete Frazier, Jackie Dace, Herk Williams, and Lola Harding just about sums it up for me.  While you’ll see an occasional turn, these dances were about style, footwork, close dancing, and working the floor.  There is another couple that I couldn’t identify but they were really smooth as well.  

I would also point out that while we often give a lot of credit to the men for showing out and leading the dance, look at how smooth and elegant Jackie, Lola, and the other young lady was as they followed.  When the guys pulled them in they melted into their arms.  Jackie is almost on her tip toes when Pete is walking her around the floor.  To me their is no greater expression of Steppin in it’s purest form than what is displayed in this video.