Video Of Legend Lil Alfred Surfaces

When Steppers talk about the Legends of Steppin’s past, two names are immediately brought up.  The Southside’s Lil Mike and the Westside’s Lil Alfred Hampton.  Lil Alfred is so revered by those that saw him dance that the Chicago’s Largest Steppin Contest named one of its signature contest trophies after him.  Lil Alfred, standing at about 5’4, made history by placing 2nd out of 72 couples in the very first World’s Largest Steppin Contest in 1990 and returning a year later in 1991 to do it again.  Unfortunately, not long after his legendary accomplishments, he was pass on a year later in 1992.

The difficulty that the new generation has understanding the talent of Steppers like Lil Alfred is that there was no footage of these talents to compare them to modern times.  Until now!  Through a 2006 interview ChiStepper conducted with Lil Alfred’s dance partner and legend in her own right, Jannice Robertson and rarely seen footage posted by Steppin Lil Gerald of Lil Alfred dancing with greats Jannice Robertson, Darlinda Russell, and Damita among others, Steppers get a glimpse of Lil Alfred’s Legend.  As you will in the footage, everything from spins, to turns, to trios, to his legendary ballerina style leg kick up, Lil Alfred was indeed a special talent.  After watching Lil Alfred dance, the New Skool doesn’t seem so new anymore.  Here is Lil Alfred …

T. Pratt: What made guys like Lil Alfred so special?

Jannice: Oh Terrance, he was so unique with things that he did. When he danced, he danced like a Latin Hustler. So actually his Steppin’ looked very different. People used to make comments or whatever. They would have their own opinion about his dancing but it was outstanding. He was real unique … he would kick his leg up in the air and that was one of the most famous little things that he used to do is spin around on that one leg with one leg up in the air. And as far as trio … it was not a trio to him. He would dance with like 5, 6, 8 to 10 women at one time. Trust me … trust me … it was dynamic. He became a legendary stepper as far as his style.  Back then to dance with more than 2 to 3 women at one time … you had to be hot.