U+Me=We Taking Innovative Workshop to California


It’s been a great year for U+Me=We, as co-instructor Ed Donaldson is fresh off his victory in the Original New Skool Category of the World’s Largest Steppers Contest. He and co-captain Sherry Gordon have created an awesome brand that now includes regular Steppers classes in Detroit, competition success, the annual ShinDig party (November 26th and 27th), and an innovative workshop format that is getting rave reviews nationally.

ChiStepper first experienced the workshop in Detroit at Rodney Mack’s White Party Weekend, and the experience is nothing like I’d ever seen before. Steppers were engaged in a series of fun drills and exercises that forced them to feel and think beyond the traditional experience of learning a new combination turn or some choreographed footwork routine. Steppin at its highest level is about feeling and Ed and Sherry suggest through their instruction that the earlier you understand this, the easier it will be to find yourself in the dance.


While I can do my absolute best to explain the workshop to you, it’s really one of those experiences you have enjoy for yourself. To that end, the next stop on the Workshop tour is in California this upcoming weekend at the Harlem Nights Steppers Ball. The Workshop will take place on Saturday November 12th, from 11:30am to 1pm PST at the Long Beach Convention Center. Hit them up on the Ed and Sherry Experience: Lead and Follow Facebook page.

Here are some photos from a previous workshop below.