Tyk Myn: Classic Footwork On Fleek

It’s Throwback Thursday and what better way to kick of the day off than some classic footwork by the Tykster, who works out with Sabrina “DJ Lady C” Cochran at The Dating Game in 2001!  For years I’ve been trying to explain to these rookies what Footwork is supposed to look like.  Granted, most of us will never be able to move our feet like THIS, but think of these movements as a template of sorts to the development of style.

With that said, all of you guys that are stutter-stepping forward, putting two fingers in the air, and sashaying your hips can use this classic example of butter smooth footwork as a building block to jump start your Steppin game. Also note that this classic 14 year old footage was captured before the era of stealing beats and combination turns, so you get to see what a REAL dance looks like when turns and style are blended together.  All hail the Tyk Myn.