Torrey Loggins Remembers Brother Shon Loggins

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Photos of Shon and Torrey Loggins

Torrey, sorry for the loss of your brother Shon Loggins. He was a phenomenal dancer and Walker. Did he influence your decision to Step at all?

Thank you for your condolences and for everyone who has reached out. It was a big help. It was truly a shock. When first hearing the news it was unreal. It was reliving the day the hospital called about our Aunt Nancy in 2006 and our dad a month later in January.

Yes he influenced it as well as my aunt. She was the one who originally taught me the two step for my senior prom. My brother was at the Dating Game with Michelle Fry and I would see him practice with her. But it was when I saw him at the McCormick Place in the walking contest with his wife Susie that got me hooked. So about a month later he gave my first two months of lessons before sending me to Mike at Columbus Park. He was actually how I met my wife. Cause when he put me in class at Columbus Park.

I remember you asking me a while back to put some footage up of your brother Steppin, which I was able to dig up.

No I didn’t expect the footage you showed me and the one that was recently put up on my page, plus the one and only time at the McCormick which I think was maybe 2003 or 2004.

Did Shon ever teach you any moves at the house?

Once I got a little more advanced our girl Shareda Newbern talked him into showing me a few more things. I would say moves and teaching me FLOW and not setup.

Did Shon give you any advice about how to manage the Steppin scene?

Man, would he give me advice. First and foremost, he told me to be careful with people ‘cause everybody is not your friend. He also told me to NEVER LOOK LIKE ANYONE ELSE. He told me if you put Tyk, Dre, Maurice Turner, Himself, and Royce behind a curtain you could tell who was who because of their dance and that is the biggest problem with my generation.

All of the sudden it seems like Shon just disappeared from the set for good. I hadn’t seen him in at least 8 years. Did he tell you why he stopped Steppin?

He stopped because of the negativity that led to his failed marriage.

How did it turn out that he stopped Steppin and you started Steppin?

Well actually he was still dancing when I started ‘cause we would actually go to the Fifty together which is how I met Franny, Charlsie, Tina, and Keisha Boram.  Seeing Charlsie dance is how she became one of my idols.

What was Shon like outside of Steppin?

Outside of Steppin he was a workaholic. 16 plus hour days. But he had to have his Sundays to watch football, cook, and drink bear. Often times, him, his friends Dale Stubbs, Patrick Murry, Robert Hadden, Steve and myself would all meet up to play Madden football. And man would they be serious about that game. [Laughing]

What is your fondest memory of your brother?

My fondest memory would be when we were kids, after dad would take us downtown to watch karate flicks, once we got home we would play fight.

How do you think he’d want the dance community to remember him?

To be honest, my brother wasn’t ever hungry for recognition. He was genuine, had a love for the dance, and that was what he most wanted to be remembered for … THE DANCE. It’s why I would call him The Temptations or Otis Williams of Steppin. ‘Cause how he gracefully he would move. And he had the David Ruffin like swag ‘cause he loved them dusties.

We lost Shon far too soon. Is there a lesson that the Steppin community can take away from Shon’s passing?

The lesson I would say is, try not to solve everything yourself. Use the people around you. Stress is a MF. Sorry for my French. It’s not wrong to go seek professional help to get things off your mind.

Secondly, I know the world has steamed mental issues, but let me tell you the DEVIL AND SPIRITS ARE REAL and once they grab a hold of you it’s hard to kick them off, unless you are grounded in the almighty’s bosom.

Do things to keep the stress off you. And when he was on the set he was never apart of know bullshit. Do you know what I would tell him … bro GO OUT and hang with your friends. Get that monkey of your back by laughing with your friends.

Thanks so much for speaking with ChiStepper. I know the pain of Shon’s loss is still really fresh. Do you have any closing thoughts you’d like to share?

In closing I’d just like to say thank you all for being great friends to my bro and take care of yourselves. Pat Clay, Hope, Keisha and everyone he deeply loved y’all.

We are praying for you Torrey and I’m sure many in the community share my sentiment of love and support. Let us know if you need anything.

My big brother always held high regards for you. It’s my bro, you, Tyk, and Westside Mike that has had the most influence on my dance.

I didn’t know that Torrey. That’s humbling to hear brother! Thanks for sharing you and Shon’s story with us. We will never forget him.

Funeral Arrangements For Shon Loggins

Visitation Friday 24th
Location: AA Rayner and Sons Modern Funeral Service
5911 W Madison St., Chicago, IL 60644
5pm to 7pm

Funeral Service: Sat The 25th

Location: Greater St. John Church
1256 N Waller.

Wake at 10 am. Funeral at 11 am.

Cemetery is Oakridge Cemetery
4301 Roosevelt Rd. Westchester, IL.

Repass at 2pm
2622 W. Jackson

There will also be a Life Home Going celebration

50 Yard Line
69 E 75th St. Chicago