The Steppin’ Allstar Game Full Review

For those of you that didn’t make it, you’ve probably heard rave reviews about the 1st Annual Steppin Allstar Game.  With the blessing of the GDI staff, ChiStepper kicked off the event on Sunday morning, February 19th at 11:30am in the Georgia International Convention Center as part of the GDI Heritage Ball Weekend. I hosted the event and DJ Shorty Smooth DJ’d and co-hosted me.  The Steppin Allstar Game presented a fresh perspective on the sometimes monotonous Steppers contest.  The idea was to create a series of fun skills challenges, where some of the best dancers in the nation would come together, in the spirit of fun, to compete against each other and simultaneously entertain the audience.  The larger goal was to create a sense of camaraderie among Steppers and show off high level skill to the future generations of dancers. Read On … 

The event was free to the public and neither the Steppers, GDI, nor made money off of the experience.  The Steppin’ Allstar Game came off without a hitch and created boatloads of fun, laughter, and memorable Steppin’ moments.  Steppers like Royce Banks, Tow Dow, Maurice Thomas, Donnie Davis, Lawrence Parker, TaBoo, Dominique Robinson, Jamie Graham, Charnice Simmons, Dre, Tyk Myn, Herk Williams, and Angie Faine among many others showered praise on the event.

 Let’s take a look at the contest breakdown …

The Spinning Top:
Rules: Steppers were required to spin inside of a box, to their right side, for as many rotations as they could complete inside of a minute.  If at any time the Steppers stepped outside of the box, their turn stopped and their rotations were counted.  We had a line judge and a judge to count the rotations.

Sherry Gordon (Detroit, MI) – 27 rotations  – Winner
Ericka Little (Raleigh, NC) – 24 rotations
Sarah Teagle (Atlanta, GA) – 20 rotations

Follow The Leader:
Rules: Male followers were lead through a series of turns for a minute by a male lead that they picked.  The audience picked the winners using a decibel meter.

Stephen “Snoopy” King (Chicago, IL) – Winner
Tim “Tmriffic” Alexander (Chicago, IL) 
Maurice “Smoke” Dixon (Chicago, IL)

Armed and Dangerous
Rules:  A male and female couple was joined left hand to left hand, with the male keeping his right hand in his pocket.  The couples had 1:30 to execute the most creative dance possible under this format.  Partners were chosen grab bag style and the audience judged.

Drew Alexander (Detroit, MI) and Tori Lynch (Chicago, IL) – Winners
Anthony “Tyk Myn” Allen (Chicago, IL) and Deon Farr (Milwaukee, WI)
Andre Blackwell (Chicago, IL) and Sherry Gordon (Detroit, MI)
Nikee (Gary, IN) and Dominique Dow (Los Angeles, CA)
Jamie “Country Swag” Graham (Montgomery, AL) and Danielle Wordlaw (Chicago, IL)

Rules: A male and female couple were required to dance to house and disco music (125 bpm’s or higher) and execute at least 2 turns during the course of their 1:30 dance.  Partners were chosen grab bag style and the audience judged.

Royce Banks (Chicago, IL) and Angie Faine (Phoenix, AZ) – Winners (Note: Royce and Angie received the loudest audience applause of any other couple in the entire contest with a reading of 97.9 decibels)
Dominique Robinson (Milwaukee, WI) and Charnice Simmons (Chicago, IL)
Tony Dow (Los Angeles, CA) and Keesha Anderson (Detroit, MI)
Feo Duncan (Flint, MI) and Rosa Douglass (Chicago, IL)

Man on Man
Rules: Two male partners, chosen grab bag style were required to show both footwork and style.  Full turns were not allowed but half turns and directional changes were accepted.

Calvin “TaBoo” Jarrett (Washington, DC) and Donnie Davis (Chicago, IL) – Winners
Herk Williams (Chicago, IL) and Maurice Thomas (Chicago, IL)
Pharies Henderson (Chicago, IL) and Lawrence Parker (Chicago, IL)

Turn Up The Heat
Rules: Two female partners, with 1 female as the lead, would execute turns, style, and footwork while working the floor.  The couples had 3 minutes.  Turn up the heat was an exhibition, not a competition, so no winners were chosen.

Damita (Chicago, IL) and Tori Lynch (Chicago, IL)
Peaches Anderson (Chicago, IL) and Tabitha Wilson (Chicago, IL)
Sherry Gordon (Detroit, MI) and Deon Farr (Milwaukee, WI)
Keesha Anderson (Detroit, MI) and Candace Hinton (Flint, MI)

2012 Steppin Allstars (Male)

Royce Banks
Tyk Myn
Dre Blackwell
Herk Williams
Tony Dow
Drew Alexander
Dominique Robinson
Snoopy King
Donnie Davis
Tim Alexander
Feo Duncan
Jamie Graham
Smoke Dixon
Pharies Henderson
Lawrence Parker
Maurice Thomas

2012 Steppin Allstars (Female)

Sherry Gordon
Angie Faine
Charnice Simmons
Ericka Little
Danielle Wordlaw
Dominique Dow
Keesha Anderson
Peaches Anderson
Tabitha Williams
Candace Hinton
Deon Farr
Tori Lynch
Rosa Douglass
Sarah Teagle



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