The Enigmatic Mind Of Nikee


Last night while Steppin at DJ’s I had a rare conversation Nikee.  Nikee and I have chatted on many occasions in the past, but I’ve never had an opportunity to interview him.  I once asked Tori for an interview and if my memory serves me correctly, she declined for the both of them.  The couple has been tight lipped on their successes and failures in the Steppin game, and maybe for good reason.   Steppers can be pretty judgmental.  Even so, with Nikee being such an enigma on the scene, I’m sure I’m not the only person who had a lot of questions.  If I had the chance to interview him there are simple basic things I’d want to know like, is Nikee his real name and why doesn’t he have a Facebook page?  In a way though, I actually think it’s cool to be a little mysterious in a day and age when everyone seems to feel entitled to your business.

With that said, I’m taking a chance to give you a little insight into Nikee’s thoughts … paraphrased of course.  Since he didn’t actually give me permission to interview him, I’ll keep most of his thoughts private, but there are few things we discussed that I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing, as they certainly shed a little light on his mysteriousness.  To that end, when I asked Nikee why he’d never done an interview he said …

“The media can be a really tricky thing.  I’m not sure the people really want to hear what I have to say without giving me a lot of backlash.  You have to be so politically correct these days when you speak to the public to keep from offending people.”

One burning question that I had is what goes through Nikee’s mind when he’s doing some of that crazy sh!t on stage like running full speed up to Tori and stopping, or sliding through her legs, or just stopping and putting one hand in the air.  Nikee smiled at me and said …

“I’m an artistic person. I’m always thinking of ways that I can be creative.  Ways that I can be different and push the envelope.  I want to try new things and take the dance to a different place and I know sometimes it seems weird and that people won’t understand it right now, but I think some of it will catch on one day.  Tori and I don’t rehearse all of this stuff … I just do what I’m feeling.  I’ll sit and look at the contest and see a lot of people doing the same things and I’ll get on the stage and feel like I have to do something unique.”

For those that follow Nikee and Tori, you know that they’ve had tremendous success with their style.  If they’d won once or twice you could call it a fluke, but they win over and over and over again.  They’ve beat some of the biggest names in the dance with their style and travel all over the country hosting workshops, so at some point, regardless of how far they push the envelope, even a purist like me has to give them credit for their accomplishments.  To that Nikee says …

“I don’t like Steppin … I LOVE IT.  I practice every single day.  I get off of work and I make sure to get my practice in.  You have to be dedicated to have success in this dance.  I’m very passionate about the dance.  I used to have an attitude when I was on the floor like I had something to prove.  Now I see it’s all about growing and having fun.  When I got mad at Feo after I lost in the World’s Largest, it was because I was so caught up in the moment.  I was wrong for that.  Now I see that I learn from winning and losing.  When I lose now, I go right back into the lab that night and start working on the next competition.”

Nikee shared a lot more with ChiStepper, but we’ll save some things for when he actually does grant us an interview.  By the way, his partner in crime, Tori Lynch was sitting next to us peeking into the conversation here and there.  She shared a lot of good info with us too, but I’m not going to push my luck too far.  Maybe this will be the year we get her on the site.