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Steppin All Stars: Royce and Tony

  Royce Banks and Tony Dow Royce Banks and Tony Dow get down in the “Man on Man” Category of the Steppin All Star Game.  This Category focused on fancy footwork, cohesion, and style.  Excessive turns were discouraged in this…

ChiStepperTV: J.E.P. Finals

  Royce BanksCheck out 3rd place winners Royce Banks & Christa Lee, compete against Torrey Loggins & Tineka Wiley at the J.E.P. Hotter Than July contest this summer>

Royce and Dani In 2001 3G’s Contest

If you weren’t around to witness this 3G’s contest at its peak, here is some classic footage of Royce and Dani performing in front of a packed house in 2001.  To our knowledge, no footage from the early 3G’s contest…