Summer Series: The Dating Game On Thursday

  Mellow Khris

I had intentions on starting my Thursday night off with the Dyamond Divas at Tilly’s.  I came home, got dressed around 10pm and looked on the internet for directions to the place, only to find out that it’s an after work set that runs from 5:30pm to 10:30pm.  With this information, it doesn’t seem like Tilly’s is in the battle for Thursday nights, as you can start off there and then head somewhere else. 

I started this Thursday off partying at The Dating Game with “3 The Hard Way,” a group of DJ’s consisting of Mellow Khris, Steve “Breeze” Brewer, and DJ Barry.  I got to the party around 10:30pm and DJ Mellow Khris was in the booth.  I stayed until around 1pm and Mellow Khris was still in the booth.  Khris did awesome as usual and played a nice blend of new and old skool music.  Khris played the kinda set that would be fine for any crowd.  He took the music up, and then smoothed it out.  Khris kept the floor packed.

The group had a really nice crowd.  It’s wasn’t packed, but it was full.  There were about as many people dancing as there were hanging out at the bar.  The place wasn’t full of Heavy Hitters, but there were enough good dancers in the spot to have a good time.  A few of the men I can remember seeing include Andre Blackwell, Don Vic, Tini Man, Clem, and Smooth among others.  As for the women, Lola Harding, Charlsie (who manages The Dating Game), Rose Wellington, and Cheryl Jackson were in the building. 

I danced my girlfriend Ryan until she got sick and dizzy and asked to leave.  I felt a little bad for her … well, not really … Dre used to do the same thing to me. (Laughing)  But I digress.  I will definitely be back to check on my homies at  The Dating Game, but I have a few other nights to report on as well.  Stay tuned!