Summer Series: The Blue Note Is On Fire

  DJ Myron “The R” Robinson

ChiStepper is on a hunt to find the hottest Steppers club set of the summer, and trust me, it’s going to be extremely difficult to top the effort put forth by Myron “The R” Robinson at The Blue Note last night.  I partied with Myron a number of times last summer, but last night was something different.  By the time I got there at 9:30 it was wall to wall in that joint.  The dance floor was so packed that dancers had to stay in their lanes and keep their elbows down (although a number of them obviously didn’t know the rules).

Myron, as he always does, dropped hit after hit.  Not only did he play my favorite record “Fazon” by Sopwith Camel, he dropped Usher’s “Good Kisser” and probably looped it for 10 minutes straight.  The Steppers and party goers cheered and whistled and even Myron stepped away from the booth a few times to Step on the stage. 

The energy in the building was high and it didn’t hurt that there were tons of Heavy Hitters and up and comers, both male and female in the building to dance with.  Some of those names include: Westside Mike, Lady Margaret, Jerry Harris, Kirk White, Cee Cee, Kevin Dockery, Patrick Newsome, Paris White, Melvina Johnson, Qiana Wilson, Shenina Fletcher, Kevin Brewer, Pam, Yolanda “Yo Yo”, Yolunda Townsend, Felicia Pointer, Tamale Bobby and Bobby from 9 to 5.  Milwaukee was also in the building as Cynthia Wilson, Corry Carrigan, and Honey Vee stopped through.

If you love to Step and schedule permitting you haven’t been to The Blue Note on a Thursday night, you’re missing a good time.  Unfortunately South Siders, you’re going to have to make the trek west on 290 to the 17th st exit, take that left and drive about 4 blocks to really get it in.  DJ Roy Shannon told me last week that Myron was on fire and it’s the truth.