Summer Series: Geno’s On Thursday

  DJ Black Cool

This past Thursday I finally had an opportunity to stop by Geno’s nightclub in Blue Island.  I was warned about how small the place was in advance, but when I arrived I realized that it was standard for Steppers.   To be clear, it was small, but it was similar to 100 other places that I’ve danced at.  The place it reminded me off the most was the former Wednesday set at “Some Place Else” on 111th

Like “Some Place Else” the bar was full of locals who just came out to drink and hangout.  Unlike Some Place Else, most of them stayed seated and left the dancing to the REAL Steppers.   And to my surprise, there were tons of awesome Steppers in the building including Charnice Simmons, Dre Blackwell, Hope Tolbert, Tina Melendrez, Keisha Gilmore, Shawn Bandy, Ke Ke, and even Californians Natisa and Venita (C The Steppers) (sp?). 

DJ Black Cool played the music for the set and he kept it nice and smooth, playing back to back hits that forced me to sweat my shirt out.  Dre, who seems to think every song should be 110 beats per minute, complained that the music was to slow on the ride home.  Since both Klub Karma and The Blue Note, two really popular weekly clubs both play primarily for the new skoolers in my opinion, I appreciate being able to come to a spot that attracts Steppers from my era that actually still enjoy real Steppers music.  I prefer not to have to dance to 10 fast records in a row that are looped for 10 consecutive minutes (but that’s a story for another day).

In short, I loved the cozy feeling I got at Geno’s and it reminded me of my days starting off at The Other Place.  I can’t neglect my boy Myron “The R” Robinson’s awesome set every Thursday at The Blue Note, but Geno’s will definitely be added to my rotation.