Summer Series: Dating Game Tuesday’s

  Latresa Tucker celebrated her birthday at “Good Time Tuesdays”

ChiStepper stopped by The Dating Game last night following a birthday invitation from my contentious buddy Latresa Tucker, who got dolled up to celebrate with a few friends.  The “Good Time Tuesdays” set is hosted by a popular trio of awesome Steppers including Nate Powell, Patrick Newsome, and Tina Melendrez.  Music was provided by V-103’s heavy hittin’ DJ, Eric “ET” Taylor, who kept the floor packed playing the hits. 

Speaking of the music, ET really got into a groove later in the set where he smoothed it out with a few records I hadn’t heard in a while.  ET is one of only a couple DJ’s that will drop classics from my era like Al B. Sure’s “Naturally Mine” and Guy’s “Goodbye Love.”  I had a chance to share dances with club manager and female Heavyweight Charlsie, as well as, Trish, Rena, and the ever-so-smooth, Hope Tolbert.

In between records I got an awesome massage from Pam, which was a very different but much welcomed experience at a nightclub.  A light buffet was served with some delicious lemon-pepper chicken, and I capped it off with one of Latresa’s cupcakes.  The group had a nice crowd and Nate tells me that it was actually a light night compared to others.  Nate says they don’t have a regular crowd and that different Steppers show up every week.  It makes sense because all of the hosts have great personalities and blend well with both the old and new skool. 

Speaking of the crowd, a number Heavy Hitters and Steppin socialites came out to party including Pete Frazier, Mellow Khris, Dominique Robinson, Keisha Gilmore, Melvina Johnson, Will Barnes, sisters Felicia and Ivy, Louis B, Cristal Bordus, Lil Punkin, Sandra, and many others whose names escape me at the moment. 

I left the club around 12 midnight as the crowd began to wind down.  It was one of the perfect nights where I had a park right out front, which almost impossible at The Dating Game, and the weather was around 77 degrees with a soft breeze.   It’s nights like these that I miss as my “Summer Series” club hop wraps up and we Chicagoans begin preparing our minds for fall.