Strong Start For Heritage Ball 2016

If the Thursday Feb. 18. Heritage Ball event is any indication of how the weekend is going to go, and it usually is, GDI is headed toward one of the best weekends ever.  The Atrium Level ballroom was packed last night with Steppers from all over the nation dancing and mingling with one another.  DJ Shorty Smooth and DJ Cross snapped in the booth, and my dance card has already featured a some of the best to ever do it, including Angie Faine, Tina Moore, Maddy B, Keisha Reesse Boram, Angie Fletcher, Bobbie Rae Thomas, and so many others.  My knee is already hurting but I’m resting up to give it another go tonight.

After the big ball at the Atlanta Marriot Marquis, a number of Steppers packed the after set at Ellery’s.  DJ Black Cool snapped in the booth.  The music was so good I had to go and ask who was playing.  Let me just reiterate, the music has been great so far.  These guys are playing real Steppin music – the kind of stuff I started out dancing to.

Check this out though … I love you all but there’s so much going on at the Heritage Ball that I can’t sit around and chat with you all day.  I have a few of my favorite soul food places to visit, friends to catch up with, and more Steppin to do.   I’ll check in with you all again tomorrow.  If you’re not on your way already, what are you thinking?

ChiStepper put over 200 pictures up on the Facebook page.  Go check ’em out!