Steppin LP Turns 55 in Style

Lawrence “Steppin LP” Parker

Lawrence “Steppin LP” Parker celebrated his 55th birthday in style at The Dorchester Ballroom this past Saturday night. The layout was beautiful, and seeing that I missed Pete Frazier’s birthday party, it was the first time I’d ever seen the place decorated so elegantly. In addition to two major television screens and a cool DJ set up, LP lined the back wall with a complimentary food spread including fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, sliced turkey, bread, banana pudding, cheese cake, red velvet cupcakes, and more. When I say the food was absolutely incredible, you better believe it.

In addition to the food and great music played by DJ Cross and Mellow Khris, LP also gave away a large TV, 3 fire sticks, and $55 in cash. Lady Margaret walked straight in, bought the very last raffle ticket, and won the TV. Lou Kimbrough, who walked in with Lady Margaret, had her name called twice for two fire sticks. I told Pete to shake up the dang box, but I think they were all in on it together. Just kidding!

Unfortunately, mother nature didn’t cooperate with LP, and a snow storm and subzero weather hurt the attendance a bit, but a number LP’s friends came out to show love including Pete and Linda Frazier, Cee, Hadiya (from StepChi), Michael Stewart, Ebony Martin, Shawn Bandy, Jerry Rooks and many others. Nonetheless, join me in wishing Steppin LP an incredible 55th Birthday. Great job on the party!