Snoop Discusses Becoming A Majestic Gent


It was recently announced that Stephen “Snoop” King of “Snoop and Crew” would be the next Majestic Gent.  ChiStepper found this selection interesting considering that there never seemed to be any kind of plausible connection between these two entities.  ChiStepper reached out to Snoop to get the scoop!

T. Pratt: Congratulations on being a new Majestic Gent.  How long have you guys been working on this?

Snoop:  Well actually, to tell you the truth Terrance, I wasn’t even looking for it to happen.  I always respected the Majestic Gents and I’ve always respected Pete for what he did.  I just wanted to keep on doing what I was doing with Snoop and Crew as far as making a difference.  It just happens that before their anniversary party Pete called me.  When he called me it was kind of a shocker and I was at work.  Since I was at work I was wondering if I should answer his call or send his call to voicemail.  I thought to myself, ‘Do I owe Pete some money or something? What’s really going on?’

So Pete told me that he and the guys got together and had a little meeting and they were interested in adding some new members to the group.  He said just so happened my name came up and all 7 members voted unanimously to have me in the group.  Each and every member picked me … I don’t know anything about the other candidates.  I said that it was an honor and Pete said it is an honor and I’m asking you if you’d like to be a Majestic Gent and if so, you can be brought in officially at our anniversary. 

I couldn’t say, ‘Let me think about it and get back with you later’ but I did say I would LOVE to be a part of the group, and I think it’s an honor that you called and asked me to be apart group.  Actually I thank each and every one of the Gents since it was a unanimous decision.  But I said Pete you know I already have my own thing going with Snoop and Crew and Pete said, “That’s the point, you already have something going on for yourself.  You’ve been watched, a lot of people have been observing and you’ve been doing some good things.  We don’t want you to stop the things you’re doing, if anything we’re going to support you 110% like we want you to put 110% into the Majestic Gents.”  So for him to say he would support Snoop and Crew, because that is my baby, I just couldn’t turn down the opportunity to be a Majestic Gent.  I knew about it for 2 months but I never said anything to no one.  I had a lot of groups coming at me trying to get me to do different stuff and I have a lot of respect for anybody trying to do something positive, but I knew right then and there where my heart lied and where I felt God was actually leading me to.    

T. Pratt: A while ago you had a run with 3 Deep.  From that experience, did it make you more inclined to want to be in a group again or after that experience did you feel you wouldn’t have an interest anymore?

Snoop: After that experience, I’m not even going to lie to you, as far as being a member of 3 Deep, I had a bad taste in my mouth.  So at that point, I wasn’t looking forward to joining or being a part of anybody’s group.  It was a good experience.  I enjoyed what I was doing in 3 Deep.  I give 110% in anything that I do.  When you’re dealing with certain things and certain situations as far as groups and as far as people, I feel it was better with me just being a friend rather than being a business partner.  That’s when I had to separate the two.  I respect J. R. a lot but I didn’t want to lose a friendship over a group or he say/she say shenanigans.  I felt me pulling away from 3 Deep would be better for myself to do. 

My heart and soul was with Snoop and Crew and he (J. R.) did support each and everything that I did within Snoop and Crew, but it came down to a point where I had to determine if the group was more important than a friendship.  I valued the friendship more. 

T. Pratt: I guess you’re more comfortable with the business set up of the Gents?

Snoop: I’m very much more comfortable with it.  I’ve always respected Pete.  To me he’s the capital of Steppin.  He’s very business oriented and he keeps things business, and that’s the way I do things as well.  I’m a very business and social person.  I’m very outgoing.  I think both of us were doing some of the same things and when Pete came to me he said we’re trying to do something different with the Majestic Gents.  We’re trying to do it on the level that we did it on before. 

(T. Pratt had to run into a meeting and the interview was cut short.)



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