Rose Wellington Shares Secrets of Promoting Longevity

Rose, your 23 year anniversary of promoting Steppin parties is almost here.  Are there any differences in promoting parties now versus when you first started?

Oh yes, very much so! The difference now is l have to work harder to stay one of the #1 Stepper sets in Chicago on the 4th Saturday. Terrance, there is a Stepper set every night of the week and [when] I am available I try to support them all.

What do you believe has been the key to your success in Steppin promotion?

The key for me has been networking, working on Facebook, texting, lnstagram, emailing and going roller skating. Also attending the new skool/old skool stepper sets.

You have been known to become emotional at sets.  Sometimes it’s because of the overwhelming support you receive, and other times it’s because of the challenges of promoting.  Do you ever regret sharing your emotions so openly with your patrons?

No, l will never regret showing my love and joy that comes from my heart. l want them to know how much l appreciate their support and how happy l am to see them at my Steppers set. Truthfully, l don’t try to let my emotions come out but it happens. I am sure my emotions may surface for my 23rd year anniversary Stepper set April 23, 2016 at the Dorchester Crystal Ballroom 1515 E. 154th Street Dolton, IL 8pm -2am.

When I started Steppin there were no new skool/old skool sets.  There was basically one popular set on any given night that everyone attended.  Has it been difficult trying to appeal to two Steppers audiences?

No it’s not difficult for me at all.  l love the new skool style and some of the music. And of course l love my old skool music and our smooth classic way of Steppin.

I can also remember a time when promoters tried not to host events on another promoters date.  With so many Steppin groups and so many cities Steppin now, that’s almost impossible.  What was it like having to adjust to competition on the same night?

Yes it is hard when this happens. l feel that when someone is having a Stepper set on the same night it is very  disrespectful [especially] when one comes to network at my party because l work very very hard for the 4th Saturday [passing out] four-thousand flyers or more.  I understand that l don’t own the 4th Saturday, l just work harder.

Rose, you’re one of Steppin’s Legendary promoters and some say the hardest working promoter in the Steppin business.  What would you tell younger promoters in the Steppin industry?

Thanks Terrance! l want to share with them that personality is everything in any business.  It is a must that one treat others how they want [others] to treat them. Also, to support all events as much as possible.

Rose Wellington (Paradise Production)

Rose Wellington (Paradise Production)