Remembering Steppin Impresario, Bill G [Update: Funeral Arrangements]

Bill Gantt (Photo credit:

ChiStepper received the word that our dear Steppin brother, William “Bill G” Gantt passed away today. Bill was a mainstay of the Chicago Steppin community with a track record of co-promoting mega-sets in the dance industry. Early in his Steppin career he was recruited into “Mainstreet People” by his friend Preston Adams, a popular promotional outfit that hosted events at venues like Soldier Field (where the Chicago Bears play) among others.

Bill G, Ramonski Luv, Pete Frazier (Photo credit:

Following Mainstreet People, once again at the behest of his good friend Preston, Bill G began promoting massive events with VIP Productions. I met Bill through Preston, who was always very cordial, but pretty much quiet and behind-the-scenes. Eventually Preston would get sick, and Bill, who had largely stayed in the backround, was forced to the forefront to keep VIP going strong. Bill created a successful partnership with Pete Frazier from the Majestic Gents and they hosted a number of incredible events together at the Tinley Park Convention Center.

On a personal note, Bill G was ALWAYS friendly and smiling. Preston says, “Bill G was a man’s man. He always kept his word. What you see is what you get with Bill G. He will definitely be missed.” Preston and Bill had a 17 year friendship that saw both of them supporting each other through sickness and health.

I have learned by watching the Steppin community, just how fragile life can be. I can think of so many Steppers (Leslie Roberts, Noel, Tabitha, Denise Porche, Big Al) who I’d see out one day, only to learn of an illness and be in crisis or much worse the next. I’d partied and chatted with Bill G shortly before his hospital visit … one that he unfortunately would never come home from. It is because of situations like these that I always do my best to treat those in the dance community with the utmost kindness and respect. You never know what someone is dealing with.

In Bill G’s case, we are left to treasure his memory and the incredible legacy he left behind. Bill G was always sharp, and through his efforts in dance he put a smile on so many faces. If you ever attended a VIP party, even if only for a moment, Bill G allowed you to escape your issues and get lost in music and dance. Now, as unfortunate as it seems to those of us who loved Bill G, he will get a chance to rest and dance with the angels. Prayers and blessings to the family and close friends of our Steppin brother, Bill G.

Funeral Arrangements

Visitation: Sunday, February 12 | 11am – 3pm
Wake: Monday, February 13th | 9:30am
Funeral: Monday, February 13th | 10:30am
Location: Johnson’s Funeral Home | 5838 W. Division St.

Here is a gallery a of few of the pictures ChiStepper has taken of Bill G throughout years.