Radio Legend Herb Kent Passes at 88

Radio Legend Herb Kent with Ken Bedford

Legendary radio host Herb Kent passed Saturday night at 88 year’s old. The Hall of Fame radio personality’s career spanned 70 years, and ABC 7 recalled him hosting a program for Stevie Wonder and Dr. Martin Luther King on his last visit to Chicago. Herb was a staple in the Steppers community, often times hosting the World’s Largest Steppers contest, making appearances at a number of Ken Bedford’s events, as well as hosting the popular 90’s Steppers show, “Steppin at Club 7.”

I shared the podium with Herb Kent as a judge in an Atlanta-bases Steppers competition at Londzell’s nightclub. Herb and I flew to and from Atlanta together and had considerable time to chat in the airport. I said, “Herb, you’re in incredible health for your age. You’re still working and your mind is still sharp. What’s the secret.” Herb simply said, “The Ladies.” Herb, then motioned me to the left where he pointed out a nice pair of legs.

The Cool Gent, as he was affectionately called by thousands of fans, was known as a ladies man. In Herb’s later years, as a host for Al Kennedy’s shows at the Horseshoe Casino, he constantly discussed his love for the ladies. The only thing that rivaled his love for the ladies was his love for The Dusties. Herb was the king of Dusty soul music, and I loved listening to his battle of the bands show on V-103.

Herb is unquestionably a legend and will surely be missed by the Steppin community. Here are a few pics I’ve took of Herb over the years …



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