Poll: Is It Cool To Dance Until You Sweat?

ChiStepper’s poll this week was on “Sweating” and Dave Maxx’s comments in the Ebony Magazine article couldn’t have been timelier.  Maxx is quoted as saying, “It’s a mellow dance.  You don’t dance into a sweat.  That’s not cool.”  Later in the article he says, “This dance is laid-back and mellow.  A lot of younger steppers are into this whole thing of getting a workout.  The golden rule for stepping is you don’t do a whole lot of sweating.  You’re too cool for that.” (Read On)

I find Maxx’s comments to be true for the Steppers who gravitated to the dance from the Bopping era.  Today’s Steppin’ however, is an amalgamation of the smooth Bopping era and the high energy “Freestyle” era that followed it.  A number of old school Steppers from the freestyle era, many of whom considered themselves cool as well, would argue that you aren’t dancing if you aren’t sweating.  ChiStepper has a poll up on the lower right side of the site … Is it cool to dance until you sweat?