Paris Celebrates At The 50

  Paris White

This past Saturday Steppin up and comer Paris White celebrated her birthday at the 50 Yard Line on a beautiful sunny day.  It was my first time coming out in 2014, but I couldn’t miss my little sister’s birthday party.  A number of Heavy Hitters were in the building hanging out including … Lady Margaret Fisher, Keith Hubbard, Rich Jackson, Royce Banks, Linda Frazier, Q Dixon, Will Diggs, Iary Israel, Ken P, Gary Riley, and many many others.

It was hot in the 50 yard line and after two dances with Paris, I was headed out the door.  How Paris manages to keep her hair so crispy in the heat is beyond, but even though she had sweat on her forward, not a single curl was out of place.  As I was racing out the door, my buddy Rose Wellington invited me to another dance and told me about her upcoming party in June.  When a legend like Rose asks you to dance, you comply.  I chatted with the homie Iary Israel for a minute about the Stepaganza and ChiStepper’s 7 month break from writing, and then made my way out of the door.

Shouts out to my homie DJ Calvin, who looked a bit trimmer since the last time I saw him.  He was in the booth playing the best in Steppin, as usual.  It felt good to get back on the dance floor, even with my bum knee.