Majestic Gents/VIP Productions NYE 2011

ChiStepper brought the new year in with the Majestic Gents and VIP Productions at the Tinley Park Convention Center for the Sherman Oaks Dodge sponsored New Years Eve Extravaganza.  Singers Cardell and Slique performed, while DJ’s Darren, Calvin, and Rodney Mack played the music.  Pete Frazier made a few power moves, bringing V-103 back into the fold and bringing Sherman Dodge on board as the automotive sponsor for the event.  Ramonski Luv MC’d the fabulous affair alongside Woodie McNeal and Pete Frazier.  As a matter of fact, there were so many microphones in play that it got a little crazy at onepoint.

The balloons never dropped from the ceiling, but New Year’s hugs, champagne toasts, and confetti filled the room.  I saw Steppers in the building from all over the nation, rounding out an enormous crowd of somewhere between 1,500 to 2,000 Steppers.  When I looked at the Majestic CEO Pete Frazier and said, “It looks like a good night for you,” he flashed a wide grin.  Bill G, representing the VIP portion of the event, was all smiles as well.  The Steppers ended the night with an enormous Soul Train line – the party started thinning out around 1:15am.

Shouts out to: Scottie C and Andre; Jannice Robertson; Tina Moore; Kevin Brewer; Corey Harper; Valerie Holloway; Linda Frazier; Serea; Crystal Fuller; Yahir; Chase; Sanchayss Spruiel; Michael and Jill Tapley; Vince Huckabee; Mike Bryant; Carole Bins-Boyd; Greg Richardson; Lil Punkin; Gail “Ree Ree” Brady; Nina Garner-Walls; Q Wilson; Michelle Brown; Billy Preston;  Dru Smith, Dr. Barbara Andrews; Bruce Dyer; L. C. Henderson; Cliff “Big Slim” Reynolds; and many others.  Check out pics in ChiSteppers Photo Gallery!



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