Majestic Gents White Party Review

  Snoop, Linda, Pete, Mike, Crystal, and Jerry

I made it to the Majestic Gents White Party around 10:30pm and like Déjà vu, the Majestic Gents had a packed house as well.  It’s no wonder why both parties do so well, they’re a stark contrast from one another.  My navigation said that the parties were only 21 minutes apart, and I was thinking they were like an hour apart.  If more people knew that, they’d probably attend both.  If you want to get your grown and sexy on, you go to the Déjà vu party, if what to be where the energy and excitement is, you go to the Majestic Gents party.

I’ve been dancing so long that the contrast in Steppin sets doesn’t affect me as much.  I love both the classics and the new music and I know just about everybody, so a Steppers set is just a Steppers set to me.  This time however, I had my girlfriend Ryan with me, and this was her first time ever attending a Steppers set, so she noticed the differences immediately.  She pointed out that while Déjà vu had dim lights, the Gents lights were bright, the Sabre Room had low ceilings, and the convention center was really big, the music was mellow at the Déjà vu set, and DJ Cross had the Tinley Park Convention Center pumping, she didn’t know many people at the Déjà vu set, but she knew a lot of people at The Majestic Gents set, because the younger audience of Steppers is who she sees more at the Steppers clubs.  Interestingly though, she said she had a good time at both parties, and any balanced dancer should be able to party at both kinds of sets. 

As for the Gents , they threw a really nice party and I had a good time.  This past Saturday was my first time attending major sets in Chicago this year, so there were tons of people I was seeing for the first time in 2014.  The Steppers looked awesome in their all White attire and snapped selfies to share on social media while they were partying. 

I said to myself, if I go out this whole weekend and don’t hear Usher’s “Good Kisser” at least once something is wrong.  DJ Cross didn’t fail me.   When the party was winding down, Cross put this incredibly hot Steppers track on as the last song of the evening before he went into his house set.  The song capped off an incredibly fun night of Steppin for me.  At this point my feet were hurting and sweat was dripping from my forehead.  I did get a chance to take pictures of my entire night of Steppin which can be found on the ChiStepper Facebook Page!




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