Majestic Gents Pisces Ball

  DJ LaVelle C (rt) turned 50 at the Pisces Ball

ChiStepper stopped by The Legacy Ballroom for the Majestic Gents Pisces Affair, also celebrating the birthday of the Majestic CEO, Pete Frazier.  The Ballroom was packed with Steppers who came out to dance and enjoy the sounds of Mellow Khris and DJ LaVelle C.  Speaking of LaVelle C, he happily ushered in his 50 birthday during this set as well. 

Pete was optimistic about spring by making the colors for the affair cream, but almost no one outside of the Majestic Gents paid attention.  It was my first time attending the Legacy since the grand opening and the ballroom feels much bigger than I initially figured it would.  When you add to it a huge lot with free parking, a safe environment, and very reasonably priced drinks, it’s no wonder the Gents and groups like Paradise Productions have done so well. 

Get a sneak peek at pix from the event in ChiStepper’s Photo Gallery before they’re posted to Facebook.



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