Majestic Gents Pisces Affair

ChiStepper made it out to The Dorchester this past Friday for Majestic Gents head honcho Pete Frazier’s Pisces birthday affair.  The crowd was packed wall to wall and a few popular Steppers said they were happy Pete chose The Dorchester over the Willowbrook Ballroom.  Interestingly, Pete called me a day before the party and told me that he would have booked the Willowbrook if he’d known he was gonna get such a great turnout.  Ironic huh!

There were tons of people in the room that I hadn’t seen in ages like Steppin’ Greg, Ron Miller, and Suave Larry, but I couldn’t have been happier to see my buddy Christine Jones (formerly of Dreamgirls and Ladies of Unique Connection).  Christine had a tough period a couple years back so it was great seeing her out smiling and looking beautiful. 

As an aside, The Dorchester made a great move by changing the entrance of the ballroom.  In the past it always felt like I was walking into an old folks’ home.  I don’t know what they’ve done to the ballroom, but something looked better about the joint.  Maybe nothing had changed and it was DJ Calvin and DJ Cross’ musical selections that made everything rose-colored for the evening.

There were tons of folks in the building … far too many to shout them all out, but we took tons of pictures that you can find in ChiStepper’s photo gallery.  Happy birthday Pete … you look good for a man staring at 60.