Magic Mike Keeping His Eyes On Drew

  Magic Mike

Drew Alexander’s recent dominance in the Steppin’ game is starting to rattle a few cages in Chicago.  Retired Walking legend and former World’s Largest champion “Magic” Mike had this to say when asked if he’d be making a return to the World’s Largest Steppers Contest …

“I don’t have any plans on it, but I told Drew that if he wins the Walking Category for a third straight year, I’ll have no choice but to come back and give him some competition.  Walking is a Chicago dance.  There is no reason that somebody from Detroit should be dominating that category.  Three years straight is a bit much.  I’ll have no choice but to come back if he wins it again this year.”

In a recent Facebook post, Don Vic, another legendary Walker, said he feels that Dave Maxx and Patrick Newson could also give the Detroit Phenom a run for his money in Walking if they tighten up a few elements of their game.  Don Vic has even volunteered his services to those who are interested in improving their stroll. 

One thing is for sure, Drew Alexander has arrived and the bulleye is planted firmly on his back.  They’ll be gunning for the youngster this year, and I’m sure this will drive him to reach even greater levels.  I can’t wait to see what happens.  His first entry into the World’s Largest should come this Wednesday in the Trio prelims.  The following week he’ll enter again in the Old Skool and Walking Categories.