Legends Category Added To WLSC

  Tina Wilson, Tina Moore, and Ice Rob

ChiStepper.com had a talk with the Majestic CEO, Pete Frazier over the weekend and I learned about their will be a new “Legends Category” added to the World’s Largest Steppers Contest.  The Legends category is a genius attempt by Pete to get the classic Chicago audience more involved with the World’s Largest Weekend.  To enter the Legends category dancers must have 30 years or more of dancing experience. 

The details of how much money contestants will win has not been discussed, but it does look like money could be cut from the Beginners Category to make it happen.   Pete and I had a philosophical debate about whether simply dancing for 30 years makes you a Legend, and Pete agreed that it does not.  Pete is clear that legendary status is combination of both experience and accomplishments.   However, it’s difficult to qualify an individual’s accomplishments, so we’ll have to settle for experience.

Now I know its wishful thinking, but what if individuals like the Trio listed above entered the contest.  We see Tina Wilson dance every so often, but what about Tina Moore and Ice Rob.  Pete better get his Barack Obama on and start politicking with the greats to them back in the contest.