Leaders Of The New Skool … The Movement


With fresh ideas, funny videos, and gregarious personalities, The Movement Is Real transformed the traditional Steppers party.  Now, primarily new skool Steppers come out to do dance and have fun, as well as see what these guys are going to do next.  Check ’em out …

Jacque Hood: You both are successful outside of TMIR. What is your motivation behind party promotion? Money? Fame? Fun?

Fun and love seeing people enjoy themselves

J. Hood: Who are the official members of TM … Is it still just ‘Kevin & Wil?l’

Will and Kevin we are the main financial contributors.  But Nina Gardner, Shenina Fletcher, and Qiana Wilson are family too.

J. Hood: We are our own best/worst critics … What are you doing right? Where do you see room for improvement?

What we are doing right …We stick to our roots; we have always attended classes of several instructors in the city, so we have gotten a chance to interface with many students and become friends with them.  The people (who currently are students/ or former students) are going to be the ones who support you. 

We are staying relevant in people’s eyes, we have a presence almost everywhere in the country, we have traveled to LA, ATL, Detroit, Miami, Memphis, Dallas, Toledo, Saint Louis, and many more places.  We also leverage technology and use the internet to publish parodies that make people laugh, etc.  We also give out buttons to represent our brand for free.

Also staying out of peoples’ business is a key … we come to dance and that’s it.  We don’t really go out for the social aspect of it, we have a purpose and that is to get better at our dance.

Where we need to improve …Trying to be friendly to everyone because now people feel like they support you and you should at least acknowledge them.  We are trying our best to do so.  We want to improve on giving the Steppers community something different. We all are pretty much family [and] we see each other 2 to 3 times a week; we want to also step but do other things that are fun.

We also can improve our relationship with more established Steppers groups.

J. Hood: Does TM have a target audience? If so, describe the group of Steppers you are looking to draw?

Definitely new school, but we want to target people who want to have a good time.

J. Hood: When TMIR first started did you have experience any negativity or “haters?”  Why are the majority of people (especially this new generation) so drawn to you all?

Hate …The only hate we have gotten, I really don’t call it hate, it just a misunderstanding.  People for some reason think, because they see you … you see them.  If you see us and don’t say hi you are just as guilty if you feel like we don’t say hi to you.

When it comes to dancing with a lady, we have heard that we don’t dance with people. We will dance with anyone if we feel comfortable.  A lot of times we roll solo; we don’t have a lot of family that Steps, so we may not feel comfortable asking a lady to dance that we have not met before because you don’t know if she is in a relationship or in some mess.  We are fairly new to Steppin and like most new people you are going to gravitate to dance with the people you have had a class with or something. So if we have not danced with you and you would like to dance and we don’t ask you, please ask us.

Why are people drawn to us?  I think our youth is the main draw.  I think we bring a new energy and hope that the dance will continue to grow.  I think we try to bring fun out of people and we don’t dance that bad.

J. Hood: Where are you (Kevin & Will) trying to take this? What are your goals? How long can you last in this game?

We are just trying to have fun. We don’t sit down and strategize how we are going to make “X” amount of dollars.  We just get together and decide hey lets have fun and we throw a set.   We don’t know how long we will roll; we take it day by day.

J. Hood: Do you view yourselves as Leaders of this New Generation of Steppers?

Definitely, we do innovative things like viral video pluggers, wear buttons, visit cities and actually make friends, not just Step.  [We] bring projectors to display pictures of people having a good time, allowing them feel like they are part of the experience.  And the best has yet to come.

J. Hood: Who was behind the Bow Tie and Suspenders theme?  Will you have another theme or color for your next set? When is your next set?

The bow tie and suspenders originated from us trying to be different. Too often Steppers are set in their ways [and] having color themes is old.   Don’t know when the next set is.  We may be doing a collaboration with another group.

J. Hood: What do you think it is that DRD is doing to be so successful?

I give DRD mad respect because they got the Northern region of the metropolitan area on lock. It’s obvious that they have put the work in and have established themselves as respectable people that we love.

J. Hood: Do you have any mentors in this game? What’s the best feedback you’ve received from them?

Everyone is our mentor. The best advice we have gotten is come to dance and go home!