Leaders Of The New Skool … Black and White

  Michael “Black Cool” Thornton and Dana White

Black and White has hosted a string of successful events over the past 2 years, firmly placing them among the new generation of promoters making serious moves.  While from the outside they appear to be “New Skool Promoters” they have a slightly different take on the subject.  Check out Black and White to learn more about the philosophy they take into their events. 

Jacque Hood:  You both are successful outside of Black & White Inc. What is your motivation behind party promotion? Money? Fame? Fun?

Black Cool: Our motivation is the love of Steppin.

Jacque Hood: Who are the official members of Black & White.  Do you have a supporting cast?

Black Cool: Mike and Dana. [Our] supporting cast is all of our guests. No party without them. 

Jacque Hood: We are our own best/worst critics.  What are you doing right? Where do you see room for improvement?

Black Cool: We are supporters of everyone not just because we throw events but because we both love the dance and the events.  We always want to improve our events. We would like to continue to branch out and attract people who haven’t experienced our event.

Jacque Hood: Does Black and White have a target audience? If so, describe that group of Steppers you are looking to draw?

Black Cool: Our target audience is honestly anyone who wants to have a good time in a safe and welcoming environment.

Jacque Hood: When Black and White first started did you have experience any negativity or “haters?”

Black Cool: No negativity per se … More so the challenge of showing people that our primary goal is to make sure they have a good time and want to come back again.

Jacque Hood: Where are you (Mike & Dana) trying to take this? What are your goals? How long can you last in this game?

Honestly we would love to stay in the game indefinitely but our biggest challenge is continuing to bring bigger and better event experiences hence the logo BLACK & WHITE INC. EVENTS PERFECTED…if and when we are unable to do that… we will gracefully move on.

Jacque Hood: Do you view yourselves as Game Changers or Leaders of a New Generation of Steppers?

Black Cool: No we don’t view ourselves as game changers. If anything we try to model those that have done this way before us and just hope to continue to improve the Steppin event experience. We both like THE DANCE. Period. The only distinction between old and new school quite honestly is the fact that we are older in age but relatively new to the Steppin scene with less than 8 years dancing.

Jacque Hood: You all never seem to diverge from the Black and White themes for your parties.  Is this on purpose? Will you have another theme/color for your next set? And when is your next set?????

Black Cool: The name Black & White was created as a hook from BlackCool being Mike’s nick name and White being Dana’s last name. That is only driving force behind our name. Our themes are strongly based on our guests. We like to make sure everyone knows they are the reason we do this so the celebration of birthdays is key, as well as the theme.

Our next set is our 2 year anniversary and Dana’s birthday in January and it’s just like last year.  Our goal now is 3 sets a year.  January, May, and September.

Jacque Hood: What do you think it is that The Movement is doing to be so successful?

Black Cool: The name The Movement in itself is successful. We view them as moving forward … Progression … Positive energy … Great concept.

Jacque Hood: Do you have any mentors in this game? What’s the best feedback you’ve received from them?

Black Cool: Mentors … Majestic Gents … Black Mary … Déjà vu … Rose Wellington …Joney and Easie … DJ Calvin and DJ Rafael.  We could go on and on.  The best feedback is [that] you have to make people feel comfortable and want to come over and over again to your events. You have to spend money to make money and you have to genuinely do it for the love of the dance first which means supporting everyone not just so they come to yours but because you want to be there. People can tell the difference.