Ken Bedford’s Capricorn Affair

  Ken Bedford and friends at the Alhambra Palace

ChiStepper stopped by the Alhambra Palace last night, where Ken Bedford and a host of Capricorn’s celebrated their birthdays.  A nice crowd showed up to support the affair, which was MC’d by the legendary Sam Chatman with music by DJ Calvin. 

Some of the faces in the place were Andre Blackwell (Dre and Company), Lamont Watts (, Christine Jones (Ladies of Unique Connection), Lil Punkin, Luther Gage, Smooth T, Smooth, Maddy B, Cheri Lilly, all of the beautiful people you see above and tons of others.

I left there and headed to The Pines, The Blue Note, and the 939, all of which had nice crowds and good Steppin.  While I was out, I ran across a few cool stories.  Lamont Watts at has a major surprise in store.  I’m sure he’ll be making the annoucement really soon.  We also chatted with Lil Punkin about her Holiday Party which drew nearly 900 people.  Lil Punkin pulled out the party receipt which read 895 and said, “T, I wanted you to hear it and see it from the horses mouth!”

Happy New Year ChiSteppers!