Herb Kent’s Weekend Replacements Announced


Herb Kent (Photo credit: V103)

V103 just released information on Herb Kent’s weekend replacement. Get the details below …

Moving forward, V103 will maintain Herb’s legacy of “Old School & Dusties” on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons.  Effective, Saturday, November 5th, Troi Tyler will host the “Saturday Morning Wake-up Club” from 8am-noon.  Troi was Herb’s primary fill-in and I am confident in Troi continuing his tradition.

As we all aware, Herb was a bigger-than-life character, and who better to carry the baton from him on Sundays but Ramonski Luv?  Effective, Sunday, November 6th from noon-7pm, Ski will host “Herb’s Place,” maintaining Herb’s Sunday features and adding a new one, “Gone, But Not Forgotten”, saluting classic artists who are no longer with us.  Of all our air-staff, Ski is probably second to Herb in the number of community and artists relationships he’s cultivated over the years.  Plus, we know Ski’s a master showman in Herb’s tradition.

Musically, “Herb’s Place” will be similar to the program Herb nurtured, but will evolve slightly to be more ‘70s-80’s-based.  As further recognition of Herb Kent’s influence, one ‘60s or early-‘70s song per hour will be imaged as “…another Deep Dusty from the Herb Kent collection.”