Harlem Nights on the Queen Mary


With the Harlem Nights Steppers Ball being less than 1 month away, let’s take a sneak peek into one of my favorite highlights from the weekend. The Sunday party on November 13th, 2016 will be hosted on the Queen Mary, a ship with an incredible history. Built in the 1930’s in Scotland, England as luxury liner, it was considered the grandest ocean liner in the world, carrying celebrities such as Clark Gable, Bob Hope, the Dutchess of Windsor, and Winston Churchill among others.

As for the party, as you will see from the photos, the room has harbor views, a deck, and a beautiful wooden dance floor. Harlem Nights attendees have the option of staying at the Queen Mary, as opposed to the host hotel. The Queen Mary is a short ride over a bridge to the convention center, taking no more than 5 to 10 minutes tops. Take a look at some of the photos and then visit: www.harlemnightssteppersball.com to get your tickets for the weekend.