Get The Skinny On ChiStepper’s Christmas Ball

  The Movement showed up to party with

ChiStepper and Akkeem Berry hosted a Steppers Christmas Ball in the West Loop of Chicago at the elegant Venue One last night.  A number of guys and ladies showed up looking chic and sexy for the elegant affair.  I was a bit worried that hosting a Sunday event 3 days before Christmas, when everyone’s money is spent, not to mention competing with the Bears game, might kill the party.  And the party did start off extremely slow, adding to my fears, but it eventually picked up nicely and we all had a great time.


DJ Vell and DJ Black Cool did their thing on the ones and two’s and DJ Cross and DJ Sam Chatman came by to hang out with me.  Andre Blackwell and Akkeem Berry celebrated their birthdays and tons of popular Steppers showed up to lend their support.  There were moments during the party, unbeknownst to me, that I had to concede to my partner’s wishes.  One of those moments included an R&B performance, a long prayer and birthday song, and then some talking on the mic that made me cringe.  Not that the performances were bad, but long intermissions are a pet peeve of mine, and the fact that none it had anything to do with Steppin made it worse for me. 

The Steppers seemed to use this time to talk and catch up with one another before heading to the floor for a line dance.  Shouts out to Akkeem Berry for working really hard to make this event a success.  ChiStepper is extremely thankful to all who showed up to lend their support and party with us.  Check out pictures from the event on ChiStepper’s Facebook Page!