GDI’s Heritage Ball Is One Week Away

  GDI Heritage Ball Team: Kim, Kirk, Melanie, Art, Cheryl, Devan, Cora, Donald

We are exactly one week away from the kickoff of the 2014 Heritage Ball.  The Heritage Ball is the Crème de la crème of Steppin events in the Nation and anyone who loves Steppin should definitely be there.  This year I’m really looking forward to seeing Chante Moore and Glenn Jones.  Then there are those things I look forward to every year, like hanging out with friends in the lobby, going to my annual soul food lunch at “This Is It” with Tina Moore, Maddy B, and Sandra, Charlaine when they come, and of course The Steppin All Star Game hosted by and Oh So Smooth Radio.

For those who are procrastinating on making travel plans, plane tickets are hovering around $500.  The cheapest I saw yesterday was $480 on Delta and Southwest.  I’ve never seen the price so high to fly to Atlanta, but this is the price before the 7 day window.  After the 7 day window it might go up even more, so be mindful of this.

There is too much going on to mention, but the GDI Heritage Ball team have summed it all up for you at




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