GDI Heritage Ball Is One Week Away

The GDI Heritage Ball is officially 1 week away and a number of Steppers, including myself, are excited to check out the ball’s new digs.  Change is difficult for Steppers, especially when you consider how convenient the Marriott Gateway area was for travelers, but what you lose in convenience you gain in access.  I’m looking forward to connecting with old friends in the city of the Atlanta, who found it difficult to make the trek to the airport.

Not only that, but being just minutes away from Buckhead and restaurants like Jukebox is definitely appealing.  I’ve heard some complain about food prices at downtown, which I found strange considering that the hotel food at the previous location was fairly expensive.  When we were hungry, a few of us would car pool down to “This Is It” for some delicious soul food.  This is the same exact thing you’ll have to do downtown.

The GDI Heritage Ball staff has always done an incredible job with customer service and I’m sure this year will be no different.  The Heritage Ball is the like the Oscars of Steppin, and meeting, greeting, and dancing with friends from all over the nation, dressed in their finest threads, has always been a highlight of my year.  Considering that this will be my last Steppers event before I have knee surgery, I’m definitely going to make the most of it.