Freddie Jackson: “Steppin goes back to even my day!”

R&B icon Freddie Jackson has a history of making great Steppers music, so when ChiStepper heard there was a new album on the way, we reached out to talk music and Steppin with the man himself. Freddie is excited about his new single “One Night” from the forthcoming “Love Signals” album and was surprisingly pretty well versed in Chicago Steppin. Take a look at our fun interview with one of the legendary kings of soul music, Mr. Freddie Jackson.

Chicago Steppin is a major national movement now. It’s the style of dance R. Kelly made popular with his song, “Step In The Name of Love.” Are you familiar with the dance?

Yes I am familiar with Steppin. Although R. Kelly reintroduced it to mainstream, Steppin goes way back to even my day!

I see you know your stuff! Freddie, we dance to a number of your songs but every time I interview artists, I find that they rarely know which of their songs are popular in Steppin culture. So I want to quiz you. Tell me 5 Freddie Jackson songs you believe are popular Steppers cuts.

I’m told these Freddie Jackson songs are popular for the Steppers these days:

1. Jam Tonight
2. Have You Ever Loved Some Body
3. Love Is Just A Touch Away
4. Nice and Slow
5. You and I Have A Thing

You did pretty good Freddie. Definitely “Have You Ever Loved Somebody,” “Love Is Just A Touch Away,” and “Nice and Slow.” The other two are good as well but I’d say there are a few that are more popular like …

1. More Than Friends
2. Do Me Again
3. Hey Lover
4. Special Lady
5. I Don’t Wanna Go
6. Natural Thing

As you can see, your music is pretty popular in the Steppin industry, but what is your favorite Freddie Jackson song?

My all-time favorite is “All I’ll Ever Ask.” It is like a love poem to me. It tells the story of pure love.

What artists have been an inspiration to you in your career?

Oh wow, I could sit here all day and tell you about the artists I admire. I was fortunate enough to grow up in Harlem right around the corner from the Apollo Theater so I had front row access to everyone that came through there; Diana Ross, Ashford and Simpson, Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, I could go on and on.

I watched your “Unsung” episode. Were you happy with how it turned out?

Unsung gave me my first opportunity to tell at least a little of my complicated story. If you had an opportunity to see that episode, then you’ve only seen a fraction. Stay tuned! More to come from Freddie Jackson.

Freddie, give your fans a few closing thoughts and let them know what’s next for you.

I just want to thank you all for even still caring about what I am doing. I am really excited about this new album and I think you will be too.



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