Feo Discovers New Passion In Fitness Training

Feo putting his personal training skills to work

Feo, I think it’s cool that you’ve crafted an entirely different way to support Steppers. Instead of doing Steppin workshops, you’re now doing fitness and personal training workshops. When did you start taking fitness serious?

I was at friend’s house in Rochester, MI and I was ironing and she was in the bed and she said “Hey lil chest,” and that was the start. (Laughing) I became more serious after Drew convinced me to go to Miami and I started to look at it differently then.  After a few months my friend was drawing on me while we were in the shower and I was SOLD!

How did you decide to start offering training services to others?

I didn’t really. I was working out with my mom and taking pictures and posting them just to try to encourage her, but mostly for fun and to have something to do with my mom. I just got tossed into it with what I call the Detroit Hill girls. Keesha, Sherry, Neicy, Dina, Shordee, and my manz Harvey. I still wasn’t looking at it as training though – just something to do. Didn’t really think about it like that until I was in Miami this year.

What would you say is the most important aspect of starting one’s personal fitness journey?

The most important aspect to me is the mindset. The body is just a muscle in shape or out, but once anyone makes their mind up the rest is only a matter of time.

How do you decide how much an individual can take?

Well I don’t decide it, they do. I only ask for more than they’re willing to give. So if it’s not pain, as in it hurts I shouldn’t be doing this, then you can go. You’d be surprised how far you can go if someone just asks you for five more when you think you can’t. (Laughing) All I said to you was I’m down here waiting on you man, you slowing me down, and we got more done. (Laughing)

(Laughing) You’re right because I thought you forgot and I was trying to skip out on you. I’m glad I didn’t though, because you did a great job in the training session I had with you. Some trainers try to show off and kill you, but you actually pushed each of us to our individual limits, using modifications for those who couldn’t do certain exercises. Was learning to work with different fitness levels something you had to learn?

Yes, me working out with other people or my mom. What seems easy to me wasn’t so much for her. But we have the same mindset, so for me it’s a matter of presenting my mindset to someone in a way that seems as if it’s their own.


Are there any reasons you would reject working with a person?

No! Anything and everything is a learning experience for me.

Do you find that some women are more interested in you than the workout session?

Not yet. Most of the woman I’ve worked out with be into the session. We only discuss the session or nutrition. So thus far there has been nothing else.

How far do you want to go with this?

Well someone had an idea for this for me, so now I just figure I will take it as far as God allows and expand it into other avenues, one being my own gym building.

Do you plan to get your fitness certifications?

Yes, I‘ve been reading up on it but won’t get really serious until after I graduate this winter with my Bachelor’s in cyber security.

A lot of people focus on exercise, but how important is nutrition to reaching your fitness goals?

As much as I hate to say it and believe it when I first started, its well over half the battle depending on ones personal goal.

Do you follow a strict diet?

I follow a diet that I make up as I go along to see what it does or how my body reacts to it … the same way I do my workouts. Nothing is in stone besides eat clean 90% of the time. I still eat A LOT, A WHOLE LOT.

I think when people see someone like yourself, who’s really cut up, they think it’s because you have good genetics. Do you feel your physique is the result of genetics or hard work?

Mine is both. I was never able to gain any kind of weight and I ate everything under the sun. Ate at night went to bed ate Bull$%! Was still unable to gain any weight. That is my genetics. My son is like that and my father is like that. But the look I have not achieved yet is coming from the hard work. I want to add mass not weight. I don’t want to be fat or thick I want to have muscle tone if that make sense.

How do you stay motivated to hit the gym 6 days a week?

It’s three things that I think about and I speak on one of them all the time. I am going to Miami everything year GOD keeps me healthy and I cannot look like I did the year before. The other is when that woman drew on me in the shower, that did something to my head about how she view me and I never wanted that to change.

That’s two things. (Laughing)

Two out three isn’t bad right.

What do you do on those days that you’re really tired or you’re short on time?

On the days I’m really tired I do as much as I can, but for me once I get started I find something that becomes difficult because I’m tired and that wakes me up. I hate that feeling of I can’t … it’s like being told what to do and when to do it. Never been good at listening to being told what to do. I’m rebellious. I will do it just because someone told me not to. I will have no other interest in doing it outside of that. I’m working on that part of me. (Laughing) If I’m really short on time, meaning the gym is going to close, then I do giant sets – 6 machines/stations/exercise – 4 sets / 20 reps and I’ll do two of those and get kicked out.

What cities are you scheduled to host your next fitness workshops in?

This year none officially, just wherever I end up I working out and if someone wants to join they’re welcome to it. Next year I am doing ATL, Detroit, Miami, Houston, STL, WLSCW, and any other place I attend an event.

How can people reach you to schedule a training session?

They can hit my Facebook – Feo Duncan
My fitness cell – 810-985-BOLD or
Email – PersonalYurs@gmail.com
My personal cell – 810-877-9415
Personal email – fduncan34210@gmail.com

Any closing thoughts?

As always keep up the good work on everything you’re doing. Thanks for taking the time out to do this interview on something I never thought I‘d be interviewed about. (Laughing) Working out or fitness is fun to me, like Steppin used to be when it wasn’t water down and you had to have a backbone to do it. Thanks for the support and I’m working on what we were talking about. Good looking!

No doubt. Much success to you. You know I got your back!




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