Exclusive: Tyk Myn Interview Pt. 3

Like I say, ‘Why you want to do it like me?’  Learn it the way I did it and add your flavor to it. They’re not even trying to get their own twist to the dance man.  They just want to pay you to [teach your dance]. You cannot teach your dance.

T. Pratt:  Some people are more talented than others.  Do you feel that you are special when it comes to this dance?

Tyk Myn: No T, I was actually taught [the dance].  I actually listened, even though the old schoolers that were giving it to me like Claudell, Ray, Tony Dow, Darlinda [had] a different concept, the rhythm was the same, the rhythm did not change.  Today the rhythm is all over the place.  These people don’t have it.  And it’s like [these people started] dancing a year ago and now [they’re] teaching at work.  So [you] got 50 employees doing what [you’re] doing in a year.  It don’t work like that.

T. Pratt: What I’m saying is when a person gets to a masters level then they start to create …

Tyk Myn: … (Cutting in) That’s the thing.  That’s what I’m trying to get to.  They’re not looking for that.

T. Pratt: Uh-huh.

Tyk Myn: I don’t know what they’re looking for in the dance.  When I wanted to learn High Steppin’, like when you and I were working on High Steppin’, I took the time out to go to those people who just did that.  When I wanted to learn Trio, I went to Claudell and that’s all we did was Trio seven days a week.  I think I did it four days out of a week for three years.  I did Trio with Claudell … that’s the only thing I did with him.  You understand what I’m saying?

T. Pratt: But this is my point, you created what we call “stealing beats” now.  Nobody was doing that before you.

Tyk Myn: Right.

T. Pratt: How do you get into a level where you start to create in the dance.  Dre, [for instance] … I can think of things he actually brought to this dance.

Tyk Myn: That’s right– we were forced to bring stuff to the dance. Because we couldn’t look like nobody else.  These people here don’t care. 

T. Pratt: Right.

Tyk Myn: Like I say, ‘Why you want to do it like me?’  Learn it the way I did it and add your flavor to it. They’re not even trying to get their own twist to the dance man.  They just want to pay you to [teach your dance]. You cannot teach your dance.  They want to pay you … ‘I want to be just like you!’ It’s impossible.  I don’t know what I’m doing five minutes into the song man. So the creativity comes.  [By the way], I’m not actually stealing the beat, I’m rushing the beat.

T. Pratt: Uh-huh.

Tyk Myn: Where they might say its three beats to a song.  I disagree. It’s four. And I know it’s four because it’s even … you’ve got left and right. So I know to work on both sides with balance. So if I’m hitting you on balance I got it.  There ain’t no such thing as stealing it. But they named it. You stole 7, 8.

T. Pratt: With everything you seemed to have done, you’ve excelled at it, whether it was being a barber, Steppin’, or break dancing.  Do you think you have a creative mind?  Maybe your mind works different than most people.

Tyk Myn: I’m looking at everything to be different from the next person.  We can stand here and learn the same thing, but I cannot look like T. Pratt doing it. That’s just my objection. I cannot look like you.  We’re going to learn the same thing, we’re going to practice the same thing. Me, Maurice, and Royce would practice in the same room and we learn the same thing, [but] we don’t do it the same.  We worked hard on not looking alike.  The creativity … shit … I just live for that

 T. Pratt: Alright.

Tyk Myn: I live to be creative.  What made me get this creativity was for contests because I wanted to come into the club and put fear in your heart.  Because I want to get this dough, so I want you to think I’m going to win it. So if you’re thinking it, the judges are thinking it.  Tyk gone win it.  I came in busting all of this stuff. I done came in her busting all this stuff, being creative, and come contest time I’m going to flow easy for this little paycheck.  So that’s what made the creativity happen more and more.

T. Pratt: Do you still get nervous when you compete?

Tyk Myn: Nah. Actually, I just stopped maybe around2007.  I just stopped being nervous.  I’ve been nervous every year starting … just the start. You know, a little shake, but once we get going I just eliminate everybody else and act like I’m in the club. 

T. Pratt: Now, let me ask you one last question. I want you to think of three guys and three females that you’d feel comfortable passing the torch to. 

Tyk Myn: Jamie [Graham], Drew [Alexander]? (Pauses) That’s competing? 

T. Pratt: Period.

Tyk Myn: Jamie, Drew … I like Tyehimba.

T. Pratt: Do you think you’re ready to pass the torch to him though?

Tyk Myn: Yeah, I’ll give Tyehimba …. I’ll give it to him.  I’ll give him whatever he asks for.  Nana, Damone in Oakland.

T. Pratt: No, no, no, what I’m saying is guys you feel skill wise.  That you could pass …

Tyk Myn: But they are ready. But they need to be ready here (points to his head) as far as thinking about the dance.  Do not look alike. You don’t want to look like nobody. 

T. Pratt: So let me ask you again … I want to make sure you understand the question.  If you had to sit down for good, who would you feel comfortable leaving the dance to?

Tyk Myn: I’d feel comfortable with Drew, Jamie for sure, and Feo as far as this competition.

T. Pratt: Okay.

Tyk Myn: Now for the females, I like Keesha.  Keesha listens.  She listens to me.  You know what I mean. Candice gives me a little this this that that.  That this, I don’t care this.  But you know, you’re in the competition [so] it’s about this.  I can’t think of Patrick’s partner. 

T. Pratt: Beverly.

Tyk Myn: Yes, I like Beverly.  She listens.

T. Pratt: One more.

Tyk Myn: Right, right. Actually, Cheena … Cheena listens man and she puts some work in. She was real smooth up there with Jerry man.  I think they should’ve danced in Original.  I’m sorry but they shoulda been in Original.  But that’s three. 

T. Pratt: Any closing thoughts?

Tyk Myn: Do I need to start any controversies?  Hopefully, they will have the Masters. I’m dancing with Sherry from Detroit. So put it out there.

T. Pratt: That’s it for the record.  The Tyk Myn has spoken. 

Tyk Myn: I am dancing again.

T. Pratt: We’re out of here.