Everything You Wanted To Know About The 2015 WLSC Master’s Category

I’ve heard a lot of rumors about what the Master’s Category will and won’t include this year, so I checked in with World’s Largest head honcho, Pete Frazier to get answers to everything you wanted to know about this year’s Master’s Category.

1st:  There will have to be at least 8 couples for the Master’s Category to take place. (Note: I doubt that this will be a firm rule because I can’t recall there ever being 8 couples in the Master’s Category).

2nd:  Master’s will be required to Step and Walk but they WILL NOT be required to Trio.  Pete says that out of respect for the older Master’s, Trio will not be included.

3rd: Since Trio will not be in the Master’s, there will still be a Trio Category in the World’s Largest.  However, since Walking will be in the Master’s, there will be no Walker’s Category this year.

4th:  The Master’s Category will be open to all Master’s.  There will be on distinction between Original Master’s and New Skool Masters as there was in the last two Master’s contests.

5th:  Since there will be both Original and New Skool Masters, there will also be Original Old Skool and Original New Skool judges.  The judges will be split evenly … 5 & 5.

6th:  Anybody that has placed in the World’s Largest Steppers Contest is eligible for the Masters except Beginners.  Both partners have to have placed in the World’s Largest before.  It doesn’t matter if you placed 1st or 3rd, you are eligible.

7th:  As always, there will only be one place for the Masters … 1st Place.

Pete Frazier

Pete Frazier