Drew Steps Up To The Master’s Category

Admist a lot of pressure and expectation, Drew Alexander will look to extend his history making run in the World’s Largest Steppers Contest by adding a Master’s trophy to his collection.  There was a lot of speculation on which category he would choose, and while a great deal of heat has been on him, he is the only Stepper qualified for the Master’s Category so far.  Win or lose this is a major step for Drew Alexander as he continues to cement his legacy as one of the greats in this dance.  Let us also mention that he will have a Heavyweight partner in Ann Hunter, a multiple time World’s Largest champion herself and one of the most exciting female Steppers in the game today.  When you pair one of the game’s best followers with one of the game’s best leaders, you can expect fireworks.  Check out the full list of WLSC 2015 qualifiers …


Christopher McClellen & Oni Faulker


Ed Donaldson & Amanda Anderson
Karon Louris & Onekka Louris
Maurice Thomas & Martha Stephens
Frank Cole & Alex Ann Cole
Lance Griffin & Bonnie Ford
Kabaar Powell & Lucille Baugh


Rodney Doc Ellis & Erica little


Drew Alexander & Ann Hunter