Drew Breaks Another WLSC Record

  New Skool Winners: Drew Alexander and Keesha Anderson

We will have updated rankings coming soon for all of the contestants, but I wanted to announce that Drew Alexander has broken another record in the World’s Largest Steppers Contest. 

With 2 first place wins this past Saturday night Drew has moved past both Tyk Myn and Maurice Turner in 1st place wins with a total 8, earning him more 1st place wins than any other World’s Largest Competitor in history.  Drew also moved past Maurice Turner in total wins with a total of 10, only 2nd to Tyk Myn at the current time who has 12.

Note: “Unique” Maurice Turner has 6 first place wins and Tyk Myn has 7 first place wins. 

Had Drew not went winless in 2009, this year he would have tied Maurice Turner, who achieved all of his wins in 6 consecutive years.  What could be debated is Drew’s “Out-of-Towners” Category win, as this was not an option for Maurice and Tyk, but from the way it’s looking, it probably won’t matter in a couple of years anyway if Drew keeps steamrolling the competition.