Dre and Company’s Denise Porche Passes

Al and Denise Porche at the 3G’s Reunion this summer (Photo credit: ChiStepper.com)

On behalf of ChiStepper.com and Dre and Company, we want to send our condolences to Al Porche on the loss of his wife, Denise Porche. Al, an IT specialist and music connoisseur was part of the original Dre and Company crew, and would set up a $5 CD table next to DJ Cross. Denise was right there with us as well, cracking jokes, participating in group demonstrations, and traveling from city to city with the crew. Along the way, they developed a loving relationship and eventually a marriage that lasted many years. Their love was a testament to the naysayers who suggest that you can’t find true love doing something you enjoy, Steppin!

While I see Al occasionally at the DMV, where he handles IT, I hadn’t seen the two of them together in years until I went to Darrell Davis and Jett Coleman’s “3G’s Reunion” this summer. We caught up on current life, reminisced on old times at Dre and Company, and I introduced her to my love, Ryan Whitney. While the details of Denise’s passing are unknown to me, it is my understanding that she left the world doing something that she loved, Steppin. Please join ChiStepper.com, Dre and Company, and the countless members of the Chicago Steppin community who adored Denise, in a moment of prayer for Al Porche, as well as Denise’s close family and friends. Denise, you will certainly be missed!



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