Donnie Davis hosts another incredible All Star Steppers Class

Dance Master Donnie Davis at this All Star Steppers Class (Photo credit:

The Dance Master Donnie Davis hosted another incredible All Star Steppers Class during the World’s Largest Weekend, where a host of Steppin greats come through to teach, share ideas, and show out. I made it to the class at 11am and danced until 3pm straight on 2 hours of sleep and I was wiped out afterwards.

The 5hr Steppers class has become a staple of the World’s Largest Weekend featuring a grab bag contest, a lunch buffet, a DJ, and all of the dancing your heart could possibly desire. Every year I make it my goal to pick up at least 1 new move from Drew Alexander, and this year was no different. I swear, learning from Drew and Feo makes me feel like an old man. I also had an opportunity to share a few ideas with Antonio Rollerson, Wayne Pierce, Ralph Allen, and few other Steppers from the newer generation.

Donnie Davis has become an elder statesman in the Steppers game and it’s awesome to see how he has embraced the next generation of Steppers and created a laid back atmosphere where ideas can be exchanged between the nation’s top dancers with no egos involved.

Here are some of our favorite shots from the World’s Largest Steppers All Star Class. More will be posted on Facebook …


Reese, what are you looking at?


Drew and Yvette join the GDI Brass


Natural beauties Melanie and Wakeba pose for a shot


Hey Shawn!


Joy looking 12 years old


Hey ladies, y'all know Pat Clay?


The O. A. K. was in the building


Dance together during the day, and against each other at night


Two Dre's and Kevo


Nikki can dance for hours and her hair will still be in place


Will, stand on a chair next time


Look at Bri teaching the babies. She's so sweet!


The man who made it all happen. The Dance Master!


I know the feeling Gi Gi. Working hard for the people


How did Quies do Taylor?


The Doctor ordered a WLSC Victory!