Don Vic Hosts Annual Steppers Picnic


Don Vic at his annual picnic

Don Vic hosted his annual picnic in Washington Park and tons of Steppers flooded the park to take in the beautiful weather, good music, and good food. DJ Dan from WZON Radio filled the park with great Steppin music, and although we didn’t have a dance floor this year, Steppers got it in in the grass.

My picnic experience is one filled with greed and gluttony. I started the picnic off with a small cup of Dian Davney’s delicious banana pudding. From there I stopped by the 70’s group’s section for grilled chicken and a ton of other goodies thanks to my buddies Carlene Acklin and Willie Bell among others. I then stopped by Bren Douglass’ tent for another plate. Then my buddies Charnice Simmons and Jason Henderson showed up with some delicious jerk chicken … so yes …. I ate another plate. While I’m sitting there, I notice Michael Davney bring Charnice a bigger cup of banana pudding than he gave me. You guessed it … I had to right that wrong and have Michael bring me more banana pudding so I would at least have as much as Charnice.

At this point I felt like I was about to burst open. I was so full I had to leave. I gotta couple of quick dances in with Tina Moore and Charnice before taking off. On the way out, my crazy friend Jannice Robertson was hosting a $10 dance contest in the grass with a few inebriated friends who wandered into the park, DJ Casper and Pete Frazier were MCing, legendary Steppers Slim and Spinning Benny were hanging out and dancing, and everyone was having a good time. Congrats to Don Vic on another successful picnic.

Check out a few pictures from the picnic below and more on the ChiStepper Facebook Page.